Failure is inevitable 

Nobody sets out to do a task and plan to fail at the end. We all want to be winners and not losers. However, we cannot always control the end-result of the tasks that we undertake.

Talking about failure… I can actually relate to this. Last year I attempted to start a business enterprise with my friends. There were four of us, 3 guys and 1 lady. The prospect of finally being a Director of a business enterprise was really exciting – growing up I’ve always wanted to be a business owner. So I was excited that finally I get a chance to make my dream come true.

However, a few months down the line the business sunk… Even though I realised this week’s before, I kept on believing that if we continued working hard, perhaps the company might survive, somehow. But eventually the inevitable happened –  failure. I was crushed. After I’ve quit my job in order to devote my time to the business, after sleepless nights, being broke almost the whole time, after putting so much hard work, the business goes under, just like that. I was quite devastated honestly. 

I quickly learned that feeling helpless and feeling sorry for myself isn’t going to change the outcome any better, in fact it would make it worse. That’s when I came across this quote “Failure defeats losers – Failure inspires winners” 

I actually felt inspired to soldier on instead of sitting in a corner somewhere feeling sorry for myself. I used that experience to learn so as to not repeat the same mistakes. And currently I am busy fighting for my dream of becoming an Entrepreneur because I can’t let failure stop me. I am not oblivious to fact that I might encounter some more failure in the future, however, I also know that failure isn’t the opposite of success but a part of it. 

You are not a loser or a quitter unless you stop trying completely. If there’s still some fight left within you then soldier on and fight for your dreams! #SWisdom 


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