Resting Is Acceptable – Quitting Is Not

#NeverQuit #NeverGiveUp #Progress


We’re all human beings, we get tired and exhausted. We’d like to just sit back and do nothing and just simply rest. However, one does get carried away at times and take the resting phase much longer than planned, especially when you’re on your path to reaching their goals; But I’m not referring to the “whoa, I’ve been running for 5km straight now I just need to rest for 10, 15 min then I’ll continue.” I’m talking about when you’re on the journey to reaching your ultimate goal. Whether the goal is fitness, business, writing a book or whatever it is, if you feel overworked it is okay to rest and take things slow. 

People however, tend to rest for a long period that whenever they they’re ready to get back at it again they’re not as motivated physically and mentally as they were before they initially started on their journey. So be careful of not taking a long break from achieving your goals.

Quitting is completely unacceptable. Keep on pushing and moving forward no matter what! 

“A year from now you’d wish you had already started” 


2 thoughts on “Resting Is Acceptable – Quitting Is Not”

  1. It’s always good to have a few setbacks along the way as it makes the end result more sweeter. Then can reflect, replan and be rejuvenate to move on ☺


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