Resting Is Acceptable – Quitting Is Not

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We’re all human beings, we get tired and exhausted. We’d like to just sit back and do nothing and just simply rest. However, one does get carried away at times and take the resting phase much longer than planned, especially when you’re on your path to reaching their goals; But I’m not referring to the “whoa, I’ve been running for 5km straight now I just need to rest for 10, 15 min then I’ll continue.” I’m talking about when you’re on the journey to reaching your ultimate goal. Whether the goal is fitness, business, writing a book or whatever it is, if you feel overworked it is okay to rest and take things slow. 

People however, tend to rest for a long period that whenever they they’re ready to get back at it again they’re not as motivated physically and mentally as they were before they initially started on their journey. So be careful of not taking a long break from achieving your goals.

Quitting is completely unacceptable. Keep on pushing and moving forward no matter what! 

“A year from now you’d wish you had already started” 


Let Your Light Shine 

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I remember I had this one friend who came to me really upset at himself for being too humble, as he had put it. I asked him what does he mean by saying he was being “too humble”? He told me that he is upset because he felt he was too modest when speaking of his accomplishments with his fellow colleagues. He said even if he had done a better job at a project or if he’s the one who came up with an idea, he would just let other people gloat and brag about their work and he would just only congratulate them and leave it at that. And so I asked him why doesn’t he do the same thing and brag and out his own work? He said it just doesn’t feel morally right for him to brag and he doesn’t like making people feel small , so he prefers to refrain from bragging in order for other individuals to feel good and confident about themselves. 

As he was busy talking, this quote by Marianne Williamson suddenly came in to mind: 

It made me realise that there are people out there who are frightened by their own success. Frightened that they are powerful beyond measure. 

As my friend had put it, I guess his logic of why he was being too modest whilst others were loud and proud about their achievements, is that he didn’t want to break those individuals’ confidence or sense of achievement.  

He thought he was doing the right and respectable thing but in essence he was just putting himself down and not allowing his light to shine.

I believe when you let your light shine, you’re unconsciously letting others shine as well because they’ll be inspired and motivated. Playing small doesn’t serve the world. We are all meant to be great. ”

“There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in all of us” 


Discipline and Commitment 

#Passion #Discipline #Committment #Hardwork

These are two things one has to master when in pursuit of greatness. It’s not always easy to stay focused on your goals and there a lot of distractions along the way. You sometimes feel like quitting but if you have been able to master these two, no matter what’s happening or how you’re feeling, you will continue on your path. 

“Once you have commitment, you need discipline and hard work to help get you there” 

Have you ever realised that when you’re just chilling and not doing anything you naturally just feel physically and mentally energetic, however, if you start telling yourself that you need to do something that will contribute to reaching your goal all of a sudden you start feeling lazy and lose so much energy that you actually feel like taking a nap…? Yeah we’ve all been there – Although that’s what we all go through, yet there are people out there who accomplish their goal and reach for greater heights. And how do they do it; they are disciplined and they stay committed to their goals, no matter what! 

It’s okay to rest but it is completely unacceptable to quit. No matter what you are going through / how slow you are going, never stop pursuing your dreams. Remember, slow progress is better than no progress at all. 

Staying committed and disciplined is just finding a way to overcome distractions and excuses. Passion alone cannot sustain you in the long run – Sheer determination and focus is needed to complement the passion. #SWM 



I’ve recently discovered that indeed forgiveness is for one’s own benefit and not anyone else. I am saying “recently” because my whole life I’ve always had this thing of if a person does me wrong or there’s a fallout between us, I will never speak to that person anymore; not that I hate them but I just cut them off completely from my life. The logic I was using in my mind is that ‘I am just avoiding further damage to our relationship by distancing myself from them.’

I never knew how strong I was until I had to forgive someone who wasn’t sorry, and accept an apology I never received” 

Now this mindset seemed to predominantly apply only to the girls I’ve been involved with romanticly. Whenever the other person would ask for forgiveness with the hopes of reconciliation, I would just dismiss them like I didn’t even know them – Pride also played it’s part when I refused to forgive them. In my mind I was thinking that I was punishing them but in actual fact, unknowingly, I was punishing myself.

I’ve recently came to discover how important forgiveness actually is. It came at a time where I was told in order not to let the other person have control over me, I have to forgive them so I can have peace in my heart. Now this person whom they said I should forgive is a family member. There I was waiting for him to ask for forgiveness or at least to show regret of the bad things that he put me through. Mind you, this person is so prideful it’s actually annoying, and I was thinking if I try to make peace with him he’ll think I’m sucking up to him, and in addition to that his ego is just going to grow bigger and he might not be interested in a truce. Then the day came when I had to finally speak to him. 

Honestly speaking, if I had my own way I was going to try by all means to postpone or simply just avoid the peace talks just as I have been avoiding them all my life before; but because there was a mediator, who’s also family, I couldn’t. I said a little prayer, surpressed my pride and summoned extra confidence, took a deep breath and approached him and said what I needed to say. To my surprise, it didn’t  go as bad as I had imagined all this time. It was such a great feeling and I honestly felt at peace whilst I was still talking to him. At that moment I realised that it didn’t actually matter if he wanted to make peace with me or not, all I felt was the weight of resentment and anger being lifted off my shoulders and peace was being restored in my heart. It was really a great feeling! 

After I was able to cross that bridge, after forgiving someone whom I thought I would never be able to forgive… I contacted all my previous partners and apologised to them. Again, after I said my apologies, all of them were cool with me, in fact, most of them said they actually never held a grudge against me. This proved even further that it is better to let peace prevail than holding on to a grudge. This is not for them but for yourself. Live hate-free and cleanse your heart. I promise you, you won’t regret it. In fact, you’ll be glad you did. Trust me, I know (1st hand experience) #SWisdom 

Pride – The Spiritual Cancer 

There are two kinds of people, both good and bad. ‘Good pride’ represents our dignity and self-respect. ‘Bad pride’ deadly sin of superiority that reeks conceit and arrogance” – John C. Maxwell 

Now this here is what I had to get rid of myself because it is indeed a spiritual cancer. It slowly destroys you inside but then because your ego is so colossal you don’t want to admit it even though you are aware of it. I am speaking from experience so I know how destructive it is.

“A man’s pride can be his downfall, and he needs to learn when to turn to others for support and guidance” – Bear Grylls

But honestly, I am thankful to God that I had realised this demonic spirit at an early age in my life unlike people who still suffer from this spiritual cancer even in their old age. I promise you, if you could just sit down with them and ask if did they honestly enjoy life, they might say yes (cause of pride) but deep down they know that they didn’t. Pride causes a rift between two people, which ultimately pushes the other one away. As a people we need each other. No person on earth can live alone in an island and honestly say they’re happy. You can have all the money, cars and mansions but if you are all alone with those things you will not fully enjoy them. But that’s what pride does when the other one who has it keeps pushing people away. They eventually feel alone because no one wants to be around someone who puts them down at every opportunity they get because they feel they are better than everyone. Even so, though the person realises the situation at hand, because of their pride, they will not even have the humility to apologise.

I have been in relationships with people who have been great partners, however, I have lost them all due pride. My pride stemmed from me thinking too much of myself. I mean hey, I do look deliciously handsome. So I used to say to myself “I’m actually doing this girl a favor by dating me. A lot of girls would want to have this piece of Black Forest cake but I let her have the whole damn thing! So in actually fact, she should be grateful to me.” Yeah I know man… I was just bad! Whenever one of my relationships would end, I was never bothered because I would get and date another girl. But I’m not the only one to be blamed for this because most of these girls used to come back and want to date me again. So I got used to that cycle hence my ego used to grow bigger and bigger whenever that happened. Be that may be though, I do take full blame for everything. Thank goodness I was able to recognise this destructive behaviour before it did any more damage and was able to get rid of it. 

Now I have become a better person when it comes to romantic relationships and a better person as a whole. Now I am able to detect it at an early stage and choose humility instead of acting on it. And let me tell you it is a great feeling, over all! I hope and encourage people who suffer from this spiritual cancer can actually get rid of it and lead a happy, loving life. It will be hard at first but as time goes on if you choose humility over ego, you will eventually get rid of it. #Self_Improvement #SWisdom