Working Out At The Comfort Of Your Own Home 

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I used to always see this line (above) in the advertisement and think to myself “these people are actually liars. How can you think of working out in your own home when you don’t have the equipments that they’ve got at the gym?” Then while I was still puzzled about that I saw another advert, I realised that they still used this line but this time they had an equipment that can be used to target a particular muscle. I actually remember even my dad had a machine which basically worked the core and abs – even so, however, I was still not convinced. 

Eventually I was able to join the gym and used every equipment that I knew how to use, working every muscle in my body. I remember thinking “yeah this is what I’m talking about… This is what they should advertise instead of exaggerating about working out at your own home” while looking at myself in the gym mirror flexing my pectoral muscles. A few months later I had to relocate and where I was now situated there was no gym around. “Damn, I can’t afford to lose all these gains. Girls love these muscles man” I thought. So I bought two dumbbells and one barbell so that I can continue to gym at home. It went well for a couple of weeks but then I got lazy and didn’t workout as much as I used to. In fact, I had given my equipments to some guy because he realised I wasn’t using them, so he asked me for them. As time went on, I realised that I had lost my gains and I needed to workout again. But there was no gym around and I had given my dumbbells away… That’s when it hit me that I need to consider working out at my own place with no equipments. 

I started off by doing push ups on a daily and in no time I suddenly noticed a difference in my body. From there onwards I started doing ab workouts, planks, squats, burpees, shoulder push ups, etc and I started seeing definite change in my body, so that’s why I continued with home workouts. I took it a step further and Googled exercises that can be done at home with no equipments and to my surprise there were a lot of them! I even watched videos on YouTube to see tutorials on how these exercises were properly executed. That’s when I came across guys like Mike Chang, @AnabolicAlienz, a beautiful lady by the name of Vicky Justiz… OMG VICKY JUSTIZ… Lawd have mercy!! – I wrote most of the stuff down so that I can do these exercises at any time that I wanted to. And so far it is going very well and I workout almost everyday. 

Although when comparing progression, it seems like working out with gym equipments the body develops quicker than when you are not. But I have learnt to discipline myself not to be eager with seeing quick results. I should just learn to enjoy the process in the meantime because slow progress… IS still progress. The most important thing is to develop and keep pushing regardless of the pace. I just told myself that even if I join a gym today, I won’t cease working out at home. But for now I’m still enjoying home workouts and I want to take it further to a point where I will make my own video tutorials! #SWisdom 

Finding Your Passion 

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Each and everyone us were born with a God-given purpose to fulfil. However, many people just go through their lives without finding that purpose. No wonder why some/most people are unhappy in their jobs because they are working just to survive and get through life.

This is why it is so important for one to discover their purpose and live to fulfil their destiny. Which is why I just love this quote when you do what you love, you will never work a day in your life” – when you do what you love you work efficiently, with more enthusiasm and you stay committed – Turn your passion and into a profession One should actually pay attention and be aware of the things that they’re attracted to… Be it sports, cars, fashion, fitness or whatever it is that ignites their passion, that’s the path they should follow.

I’ve discovered my passion and I know which path to follow, hence I started this blog. I am passionate about inspiring people, amongst other things. I may not appear as a great writer or not a great Motivational Speaker… yet lol But I’ve already started taking steps on being one of the greatest! 

“Even the master was once a student”

So I hope everyone will develop the courage to follow their passion and fulfil their God-given destiny. Let’s Do It! #GoalForIt #SWisdom 

Pride – The Spiritual Cancer 

There are two kinds of people, both good and bad. ‘Good pride’ represents our dignity and self-respect. ‘Bad pride’ deadly sin of superiority that reeks conceit and arrogance” – John C. Maxwell 

Now this here is what I had to get rid of myself because it is indeed a spiritual cancer. It slowly destroys you inside but then because your ego is so colossal you don’t want to admit it even though you are aware of it. I am speaking from experience so I know how destructive it is.

“A man’s pride can be his downfall, and he needs to learn when to turn to others for support and guidance” – Bear Grylls

But honestly, I am thankful to God that I had realised this demonic spirit at an early age in my life unlike people who still suffer from this spiritual cancer even in their old age. I promise you, if you could just sit down with them and ask if did they honestly enjoy life, they might say yes (cause of pride) but deep down they know that they didn’t. Pride causes a rift between two people, which ultimately pushes the other one away. As a people we need each other. No person on earth can live alone in an island and honestly say they’re happy. You can have all the money, cars and mansions but if you are all alone with those things you will not fully enjoy them. But that’s what pride does when the other one who has it keeps pushing people away. They eventually feel alone because no one wants to be around someone who puts them down at every opportunity they get because they feel they are better than everyone. Even so, though the person realises the situation at hand, because of their pride, they will not even have the humility to apologise.

I have been in relationships with people who have been great partners, however, I have lost them all due pride. My pride stemmed from me thinking too much of myself. I mean hey, I do look deliciously handsome. So I used to say to myself “I’m actually doing this girl a favor by dating me. A lot of girls would want to have this piece of Black Forest cake but I let her have the whole damn thing! So in actually fact, she should be grateful to me.” Yeah I know man… I was just bad! Whenever one of my relationships would end, I was never bothered because I would get and date another girl. But I’m not the only one to be blamed for this because most of these girls used to come back and want to date me again. So I got used to that cycle hence my ego used to grow bigger and bigger whenever that happened. Be that may be though, I do take full blame for everything. Thank goodness I was able to recognise this destructive behaviour before it did any more damage and was able to get rid of it. 

Now I have become a better person when it comes to romantic relationships and a better person as a whole. Now I am able to detect it at an early stage and choose humility instead of acting on it. And let me tell you it is a great feeling, over all! I hope and encourage people who suffer from this spiritual cancer can actually get rid of it and lead a happy, loving life. It will be hard at first but as time goes on if you choose humility over ego, you will eventually get rid of it. #Self_Improvement #SWisdom 

Change Can Be Painful 

“When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put the ways of childhood behind me” – 1 Corinthians 13 v 11

This post is about change in relation to self-improvement towards your dreams. Every person has a dream of becoming a person of significance in his/her community, country and ultimately globally (well, I do).

However, in order to be that person  u have to work on developing on becoming that person. It is important to note that habits ultimately create a person’s character. What I understand about what is meant by “enjoy the process/journey  to reaching your goal” is to be aware of the small acts that you do on a daily basis, which will eventually lead to obtaining your goal. Spend your energy on creating new habits instead of fighting on getting rid of the old ones. If a person wants to be in shape there are certain things that one has to do, like working out and certain food types that they have to stop consuming ,like junk food. Now this applies to anything that an individual ultimately wants to become. I personally like this quote “in order to be successful, sacrifices need to be made.” Old ways and old habits need to be sacrificed in order develop new ones.

If you keep on doing things the old way, you will only continue getting the same results. Change is painful, growth is painful; But so is being broke – So choose your struggle. If you want to reach for your dreams you have to develop and become the person you want to be. #SWisdom #SelfImprovement

You Are Responsible For Your Own Happiness 

Each and every individual wants to be happy. When you are happy you are full of joy, excitement, enthusiasm and you wish would stay like that forever. However, some people seem to wait for happiness, they see happiness as a prerequisite, as a reaction and not a proactive action. 

They wait for things to happen first before they can be happy i.e they wait upon landing that dream job, their business to start making money, waiting on a fantasised relationship or partner before they can be happy. Now in this way that they are trying to pursue happiness, however, is a wrongful way. Happiness isn’t dependant on external factors, it is within you. You have to make yourself happy first. You have to do that intentionally and in alignment with positive thoughts. Nobody in this whole wide world is responsible for your happiness and don’t ever think that you are liable to make someone else happy. It is each and every individual’s responsibility to safe guard their own happiness; hence the saying “The key to happiness is in your hands.” Even if you have a similar car with your neighbour, his car keys won’t be able to open your own car. 

So use your own keys to open your own vault of happiness, joy, love and excitement. Never rely on anyone or anything to bring you happiness. Do it for yourself and love yourself. ALWAYS! #SWisdom